Living with the Bunkers

Picture_015.jpgSo the folks and I moved back in with Grandma and Sabba.? Their last name is Silberman, but for some reason, my dad keeps referring to them as the bunkers.? Dad also keeps calling himself meathead, which really makes no sense at all.? Anyway, things are much more relaxed here.? It’s awesome!? Everyone walks around mostly-naked just like me.? My housemates, Simon and Suzie pee and poop all over the house, just like me.? There are ALWAYS so many people around.? In fact,?my parents tell all their friends that they?never have even a minute alone!? I fit right in.? This is a picture of me writing another blog entry.? I like to blog in the nude.? They say this is illegal, but I’m pretty sure I can get away with it.? Some people, I hear, ?even make lots of money doing this.? Right now I’m sending out SPAM emails to all my friends on friendster and myspace telling them to come see pictures of me blogging in the?buff.

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