Hair Grows in the Bronx

swingoneseesHere are a couple of pictures with my hair grown back a little.  In the first, I am chilling in my swing.  In the second, Ariel and I are hanging out in our onesees.

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Haircuts and Chocolate Cake


I haven’t written in a long time!  I’ve grown quiet a bit since you’ve seen me last.  Here are a few pictures to catch you up!  I guess the most significant thing you’ll notice is that I cut my hair.  It seems my parents didn’t like the way I pulled out the front of my “jew-fro.”  They say that I looked like Art Garfunkel.  So, they shaved off all my remaining hair.  I thought it would be traumatic, but in the end, I found the episode of Blue’s Clues they played during the haircut WAY too distracting.  Besides, I looked really tough afterwards.  Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know my curls are growing in.  Next are some pcitures of me stealing someone’s chocolate cake at my friend Ariel’s birthday party.


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I’m a Star!

Picture_019.jpgMy parents told me to reach for the stars, so I did.? My dad tells me I have “star” written all over my face.? In fact, I’m perfect in every way,?but let’s face it.? I have an eating problem.

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Living with the Bunkers

Picture_015.jpgSo the folks and I moved back in with Grandma and Sabba.? Their last name is Silberman, but for some reason, my dad keeps referring to them as the bunkers.? Dad also keeps calling himself meathead, which really makes no sense at all.? Anyway, things are much more relaxed here.? It’s awesome!? Everyone walks around mostly-naked just like me.? My housemates, Simon and Suzie pee and poop all over the house, just like me.? There are ALWAYS so many people around.? In fact,?my parents tell all their friends that they?never have even a minute alone!? I fit right in.? This is a picture of me writing another blog entry.? I like to blog in the nude.? They say this is illegal, but I’m pretty sure I can get away with it.? Some people, I hear, ?even make lots of money doing this.? Right now I’m sending out SPAM emails to all my friends on friendster and myspace telling them to come see pictures of me blogging in the?buff.

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Goodbye Florida

DSCN0242.jpgFor the past 5 months (more than half my life) my parents and I have been living in Tampa. It’s been a long, fun journey but it’s time for?us to move back up to New York. I’ve met so many great people. Especially my dad’s coworkers. They’re so?nice that they threw us a big going away party at a beautiful beachside hotel in Clearwater. We sat by the pool, had dinner on the beach and even watched the sunset. I got to hang out with my friends Allison and Jack while my Dad was in meetings most of the day about how much they were going to miss us.

I can’t say that I’m not happy to be going back up to New York. I love that I’ll be able to see my family so often and the city is very cool. But a lot has happened down here. I mean, I started crawling right here in my living room. I said “mama” for the first time on the bed in my bedroom. But I guess you can’t live in the past. I have a good 120 years ahead of me. So I say, New York here I come. To all my friends in Tampa, I hope to see you all again someday. I’ll remember you always (or at least for the next five minutes).

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Feet are Yummy

Toe munching’nuff said.

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I'm swingin'Mommy and Tatty (that’s dad to the rest of you) took me to the park. They threw me into the sling thing to carry me around, and were wandering about staring at the screen on this yellow GPS thing. They were digging next to trees, and kept mumbling something about geocaching. I didn’t mind, because at the end, I got a phat Pez dispenser out of the deal. They kept talking about communicating with the satellites or something. I think they may be losing their marbles. I’m sure they’ll blame that on me. Anyway, they had this awesome swing there. As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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An upcoming event

This is an upcoming event

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Life is Good – Noah’s First Meal

Noah's mealNoah's Meal

Not only did I have an awesome week with my family, but I got to sit in this huge chair and Mommy gave me this great mush tonight. I ate the whole bowl. I had no idea there could be anything as good as my bottle. This stuff might be even better. Mommy said that next week I can have some Zucchini, whatever that is. I have got to be the luckiest kid in the world. She also said something about me not getting up in the middle of the night tonight. I always thought she was happy to see me. We’ll see…

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Fun With Cousins

Noah on Ride Zach and ShannonMy cousins, Zachary and Shannon, and my Aunt Barbara came to visit me this week. I have never had so much fun in my whole life. Zachary kept singing me funny songs and Shannon kept tickling my feet. We kept ourselves so busy going to the State Fair and Busch Gardens. I went on the merry-go-round for the first time and my cousins went swimming even though the water was freezing. My head was spinning a little bit from watching them play and go on the rides, but I can’t wait to see them again.

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